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Michael Dera


Bulawayo, Zimbabwe


September 1994


Bulawayo, Zimbabwe




Food, Programming, Mathematics, Music.

About me

I am a Entrepreneur, Software developer and Maker working to build technology that is relevant for Africa. I believe in Africa's ability to develop technology relevant to its own environment.
I work from The Devshop at The Techvillageto build and help other entrepreneurs develop such technologies.
I am the founder of HackShack, a social enterprise that seeks to accelerate the Maker movement in Sub-Saharan Africa and my dream is to see African creative's abilities not stifled by lack of resources
I am a Rotaractor, I believe that we all have a duty to see to the well-being of those less priviledged than ourselves, to the development of our communities, our peers and ourselves.

Africans will solve Africa's problems. I am one such African

My Skills

I am a developer by profession with, very skilled in frontend web development in HTML, CSS, Javascript, XAML, SASS and Scalable Vector Graphics. I love exploring new design technology.
I am familiar with the .Net platform and can develop ASP.Net and in C# and am working on becoming more familiar with Universal Windows Platform Development.
I love playing with hardware and programming for hardware like microcontrollers and development boards. The skill I pride myself in is my ability to and rate I learn. Technology changesd on a daily basis so it is essential to be able to learn rapidly.

angular js
react js

curriculum vitae


BSc. Honours in Computer Science

National University of Science and Technology


September 2013 - Present

A four year degree programme on the fundamental principles of Computer Science that includes a year of on-field attachment

Introduction to Computer Science CS50 offered by Havard on EDx


9 Weeks

May 2016 - July 2016

A course offered by Harvard in correspondence by Harvard University that introduces the concepts and principle of practical computer science and programming for students intending to enter computer demanding fields

Fundamentals of C# Programming

Microsoft Virtual Academy

6 Weeks

December 2015 - January 2016

An online course offered on the C# Programming Language, the concepts and syntax as part of a course on Development for the Universal Windows Platform

National Certificate in Electronic Communication

Bulawayo Polytechnic College

1 Year

January 2015 - October 2015

A course in the basic of electronic communication concepts done as part of apprenticeship at the National Railway of Zimbabwe

Work Experience

Lead Developer

The Devshop


November 2015 - Present

The Devshop is a Developer syndication start that mints and produces skilled developers with the aim of producing amazing software and Web applications. The Devshop constantly evolves to adapt methodologies that are more conducive for developers and clients.
My work at the Devshop involves project management, methodology design, software design and deciding the direction that the startup and its work is taking.

Product Developer, Founder



September 2015 - Present

HackShack is startup whose mission is to accelerate the adoption and growth of the Maker Movement in Sub-Saharan Africa by manufacturing resources and tools (with a bias to electronics) locally and providing collaborative working spaces for Makers.
My woork at HackShack involve determine the needs of the market and how to provide to their needs at a cost that the majority of the market can afford

Microsoft Student Partner

Microsoft Co.

1 Year

October 2015 - October 2016

The Microsoft Student Partner Program is a program that allows thousands of Microsoft Student Partners to share their deep knowledge and passion for technology with their fellow students. They master the latest technical content provided by Microsoft Imagine and share what they learn, building leadership and communication skills along with technical expertise.
Being a Student Partner involved running technology events and hackthons, get exclusive access and training on Microsoft Product and host techonology events and give demos on campus to fellow students.

Apprenticeship - Signal Technician

National Railways of Zimbabwe

1 Year 4 Months

May 2015 - September 2015

The National Railways of Zimbabwe is the operator of Zimbabwe's national railway network. The apprenticeship period involved training to manage internal electronic communications system and railway signaling and tracking systems.

Volunteer Work

Annual Interact Clubs Conference Faculty Member

Rotaract District 9210


March 2015 - Present

The Interact Conference is an annual 4 day event that changes venue each time that brings together hundreds of Interactors from all parts of Zimbabwe to share on the projects that have done in the communities, provides a platform for their person and profession development, the opportunity for mentorship and the discovery of other Rotary sponsored opprortunities that can benefits them

District Public Relations Officer

Interim Rotaract District 9210

1 Year

May 2016 - July 2016

Responsible for the Public Realtions of Rotaractors in Rotary District 9210 comprising of Malawi, Northern Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Interact Clubs Director

Rotaract Club of Matopos

1 Year

July 2015 - July 2016

As Interact Director I chaired the meetings of a committte whose mandate was to ensure that mentorship opportunities where provided to Interact Clubsin Bulawayo by Rotarians and Rotaractors through leadership enhancing activities, trainings and programs

International Services Director

Rotaract Club of Matopos

1 Year

July 2014 - October 2015

As International Services Director I chaired the meetings of a committte whose mandate was to promote International understanding and fellowship by engaging realtionships with other clubs from different parts of the world and executing projects jointly, participating in cultural projects and International Exchanges




Some of the startups whose teams I have been involved in.


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